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I am providing my programs' source code that I find potentially helpful for anyone interested in the various fields I have been working on. The most general programs are available on top of this page, while those especially helpful for my particular projects can be reached at the corresponding categories below. The programs in mesoscopical physics are written in C++, most other stuff is usually in MathCAD. I apologize for the programs that are not well documented. I am trying to provide reliable material, so be sure to give me feedback in case you find any errors.


  • Fundamental cosmological constants, luminosity distance, angular diameter distance, critical density, barionic density, comoving volume element , critical overdensity for cluster formation, linear growth []
  • Luminosity function of quasars using (1) Madau, Haardt, & Rees 1999; (2) Wythe & Loeb 2002; (3) Richards & Croom et. al. 2005; (4) Kocsis et. al. 2005 []
  • The power-spectrum (both linear and the non-linear correction) using HALOFIT of Smith & Peacock et al. 2003. []

LISA counterparts

Programs related to B. Kocsis, Z. Frei, Z. Haiman, & K. Menou 2005, astro-ph/0505394
  • Sensitivity curves for LIGO, Advanced LIGO, LISA, and Next Generation LISA detectors. []
  • Signal-to-noise ratios, arrival frequency and time for inspirals (to Newtonian GW order) for arbitrary BH mass and redshift. []
  • Cosmological parameter uncertainty Fisher matrices, correlation error matrices, using WMAP, SDSS, PLANCK, LSST []
  • Weak lensing related uncertainty for the luminosity distance of a quasar. []
  • Number of quasar counterparts associated to a SMBH merger event. []

Virialization Shock

Programs related to B. Kocsis, Z. Haiman, & Z. Frei 2005, ApJ 623, 632
  • The thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect intensity and temperature profile for a spherically symmetric, self-similar (Komatsu & Seljak, 2001) galaxy cluster model []
  • Parameters of a false model with no virialization shock are obtained when the true fiducial model has a virialization shock, nonlinear signal-to-noise ratio for accepting (or refusing) this false model is also given []
  • The nonlinear signal-to-noise ratio for accepting an incorrect set of parameters of the fiducial model, and the Fisher matrix approximation []
  • The thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect with a virial shock is compared with the model including the kinetic SZE of the infalling material outside the shock []

Antidot Eigenstates

Programs related to B. Kocsis, G. Palla, & J. Cserti 2005, PrB, 71, 075331
  • The energy eigenstates of a circular quantum magnetic antidot in the exact quantum mechanical treatment and with the WKB approximation,, the probabily current, and the semiclassical electron trajectories [, readme.txt]


  • Returns the local maxima and minima of each column of a matrix. This is useful for finding all local maxima and minima of a discretized function at once. []
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