PGI Compiler Suite

The PGI compilers are currently licensed for use on the following linux systems. You may compile code on these machines and run it on other systems:

64-bit (32-bit version installed as well):

  • achilles
  • charon
  • juno
  • jupiter
  • pandora
  • remus
  • romulus


  • ares
  • hera
  • thor

Documentation for the PGI Compilers is available here.

The following environment variables need to be set for you to use the PGI compilers:

Under tcsh

       % setenv PGI /usr/local/pgi
       % set PATH = ( $PGI/linux86/bin $PATH )
       % setenv MANPATH "$MANPATH":$PGI/man

or, assuming bash, sh or ksh:

% PGI=/usr/local/pgi
       % export PGI
       % PATH=$PGI/linux86/bin:$PATH
       % export PATH
       % MANPATH=$MANPATH:$PGI/man
       % export MANPATH