High Performance Parallel Filesystem

High Performance Scratch Disk


The Helios Cluster and several of our compute servers have access to a large high performance filesystem.  This system is a Cray ClusterStor L300 running a Lustre filesystem which provides 556 TB of disk with read/write speeds of 10GB/s over EDR Infiniband.  This is several times faster than /home and /data directories in read and write speed and offers larger amounts of temporary disk space to use.  This will be especially useful for jobs with large data sets and data analysis.  Compute server access to the parallel filesystem is detailed here.

Please be aware of the following:

Scratch disk is NOT backed up.  Please move any data that you wish to keep off of the filesystem.

This volume has no quota set and is shared by all users.  Please remove any files that are no longer needed at the end of your job.