Setting an Away Message for Email

NOTE New MembersĀ  - Fall 2019 and other users migrated to Zimbra - please configure this in the Zimbra web client.In order to setup automatic email response (in what follows, USER refers to your username):

Edit your vacation message /home/USER/.procmail/vacation.msg as appropriate. This file should be text only. It may not contain any variables such as $SUBJECT or $DATE.

Uncomment this line to be found in either your /home/USER/.procmailrc file

or your /home/USER/.procmail/rc.filter file:

#INCLUDERC=$PMDIR/rc.vacation  #this line is commented

Remove /home/USER/vacation.cache if it exists.

To remove automatic email response when you return:

Comment the line you uncommented above when setting up vacation messaging.

Remove /home/USER/vacation.cache. This file contains a list of people to whom vacation messages have already been sent. Next time you set up vacation, you don't want to start with an old list.